Skitrax - synthetic snow surface - Ice karting

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Skitrax MOvy
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Driving with an (Electro) Kart is something very special and it´s fun for the whole family. Motor sports is famous throughout the world. With Ice karting you can slide and drift with the kart - like on real snow.  Thanks to our new Skitrax MOvy.

No bad smell through burned fuel, therefore it is Eco-friendly and especially suited for indoor use, e. g. event halls, shopping malls, etc. Perfect for sportive entertainment in cities, at beaches or in skiing areas for summer use.

The novel E-Kart Thorq creates a speed of max. 85 Km/h. Staff with “Remote Control System” controlled speed of each e-kart. Regulation in three speed levels or even off. With novel “LiFePo4” batteries deliver up to 40 minutes driving time. Short power charging time of 20 min per E-Kart. With 8-10 E-karts can thus be driven through - summer and winter - outdoor and indoor. Complete delivery with e-karts, support station circuit with safety constraints, re-power station, floodlights etc. 


Sure, you can use karts with petrol as well!


You can order the Skitrax MOvy as well seperatly for your existing course or for a new one. Clip the Skitrax tiles together, lay the tiles on the soil (cement, grass, marmor etc.), install the safe border equipment - and the fun start with your kart! If nessesary, you can dismatle it within hours - and everything is clean. Perfect as well for temporary summer events or indoor action in shopping malls. 


Our new lubricant "Slide Liquid" makes the surface slippery and perfect for every kart - to slide and drift!